This is a webpage for dune Doom II servers
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Wad URLs for doomseeker
["pp-k" and "duneconnectsnd" are the OPTIONAL SOUNDS,
which can be removed from your wad dir if you don't like them]:

duneplay_v18.wad duneplay_nobfg_v18.wad pp-k.wad duneconnectsnd.pk3 autobot_dnpl_v6_3-1n.pk3
autobot_dnnbfg_v6_3-1n.pk3 autobot_dndw12_v6_3-1.pk3 autobot_dnudmx3_v6_4-1.pk3 autobot_dngreen_v6_4-1n.pk3

Our zandronum server ip and ports
[the number of bots is auto-controlled]:

dune pure deathmatch [AutoBotControl!]
dune pure deathmatch [no-BFG] [AutoBotControl!]
dune pure deathmatch [Dw-12] [AutoBotControl!]
dune pure deathmatch [UDMX+3] [AutoBotControl!]
dune pure deathmatch [Greenwar] [AutoBot 4/1/0]

Map rotation list as of duneplay.v18, regular and no-BFG versions
[screenshots on hover, click]:

MAP01 "DWANGO5 MAP01"map screenshot
MAP02 "DWANGO5 MAP07"map screenshot
MAP03 "DCDWANGO MAP09 (CORON1)"map screenshot
MAP04 "DWANGO5 MAP13 (BEER)"map screenshot
MAP05 "DWANGO5 MAP18"map screenshot
MAP06 "DCDWANGO MAP14 (SHREW7)"map screenshot
MAP07 "ROUND"map screenshot
>>> MAP07 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP08 "GS1"map screenshot (not playable with only bots online - they get stuck on respawn)))
MAP09 "DWANGO5 MAP17 (HAZZIE6)"map screenshot
MAP10 "DWANGO5 MAP12 (OLDEAST)"map screenshot
>>> MAP10 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP11 "KING1"map screenshot
MAP12 "BOMBA-2"map screenshot
MAP13 "DWANGO6 MAP01"map screenshot
>>> MAP13 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP14 "DWANGO6 MAP23"map screenshot
>>> MAP14 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP15 "DWANGO7 MAP07"map screenshot
>>> MAP15 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP16 "DWANGO8 MAP01"map screenshot
>>> MAP16 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP17 "DWANGO8 MAP19"map screenshot
MAP18 "OBLIVX"map screenshot
>>> MAP18 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP19 "DWANGO10 MAP07"map screenshot
>>> MAP19 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP20 "DWANGO10 MAP03"map screenshot
>>> MAP20 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP21 "DWANGO10 MAP18"map screenshot
MAP22 "UROBUROS"map screenshot
MAP23 "JUDAS23"map screenshot
>>> MAP23 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP24 "BELIRIUM"map screenshot
>>> MAP24 grab =BFG= videobfg video
MAP25 "STYX8"map screenshot

Any questions:

Current version dated 05.05.2020